About Oozou

Oozou is a digital agency working with many well known brands, both in South East Asia and Globally to provide Digital Transformation, UX/UI Design and Web/Mobile Development services.

Instead of simply churning out what a client asks for, we strive to truly understand their goals and vision to create compelling and successful Web and Mobile applications. We focus on constantly delivering value to our clients through fast iterations and an agile mindset.

We are driven by process and team. We recognize that we can always be better. We have strong opinions, loosely held, and take the initiative to improve ourselves, our processes and our company continually.

Oozou promotes a supportive learning environment that encourages all staff to become leaders in their chosen field and all of our team are inspired problem solvers.

Our team enjoy a highly collaborative environment, often interacting directly with clients, giving them the best advice possible based on our experience.

We create wow!

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